The Legend of Bronco Bettye…….

I wanted to introduce you all to my courageous and daring guide, by the name of Bronco Bettye…..
Ask anyone around these parts if they have heard of her….there will be a palpable silence as they gather the fortitiude to respond….Bronco Bettye has been my guide round these parts of the state.. They say she knows the backroads of this land like a rattlesnake knows how to git into a mouse hole..
As legend has it, she once charmed a bear with a soft shoe dance, and then helped it to an untimely death with her bare hands…another story says she is some sorta horse whisperer….they say she could calm any wild bronco by reading it poetry….her favorite being Robert Frost…..
Of course, that was back in the day….nowadays, New Mexico is more of a civilized place and Bettye, well she is an upstanding citizen, for the most part…spending her time as a tour guide, pointin’ out the hideouts of Billy the Kid, Ruidoso’s most outstandingly famous outlaw….
and guarding the tomatoes and peppers….
you know how much we New Mexicans prize our chiles!
( I love you Tez…and your beautiful sidekick too!)

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