how to be alone…….

Traveling to NM alone, I looked forward to that time of being a.w.o.l… I love the idea of a chunk of time where no one knows where I am, or can get in touch ( sort of totally the opposite of today’s hyper-connected world!)….I think in another life I would have loved to be a long-distance trucker or something….I love to drive and THINK!….yet, everywhere I went and sat, someone chatted me up….I enjoy the company much of the time, but there is something about being in transit during travel that makes me want to be alone….in my own head…solving the world’s problems ( he he!), figuring out what’s next in my own life, reading a gooooood book without interruptions or distractions…..anyhoo, I came across this video on Susannah Conway’s blog ( if you don’t already know about her, she is just the LOVELIEST!) and I just thought it was great…so in the spirit of sharing, check it out if you have 4 minutes or so….

what is your favorite thing to do by yourself?


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  1. Good morning Kerin, I think many of us feel like you do, at least I do. The video reminded me of part of my school days when at the day's end I would think, wow, I have not spoken a word to anyone in 12 hours…and I did everything the video blog showed but still wow!!! This is a profound topic and won't say more but my favorite alone activity in the city is a read in a coffee shop and outside the city, a hike. At night it would have to be staring at stars and during the day it will be watching the clouds. I hope your day fills with all of your favorites! xoxo

  2. Hi Kerin,
    I've watched this a few times now…I love it's imperfection…The way it makes you feel comfortable "just as you are"…I am alone a lot. A lot. I like to be alone but I don't like loneliness…The current state of me. I love living alone. I love sleeping alone. I love being able to do what I wish without worrying about entertaining someone…I don't like making supper for one though. Or setting the table for one.
    There was an interview awhile ago on CBC radio about Loneliness…I remember feeling it deeply…That it should be classified the same way as other mental health issues…Hmmm. Should look for it again.
    I guess the difference is having to be alone or choosing to be…

  3. MLJ…I have days like that…and you are so right, it is a very profound topic….I love to be alone with nature too….I cannot do the reading in a coffee shop thing though….I need my doggie at my feet and they wont let her in! :)….

    you have as always, brought up some incredibly thoughtful points….I have heard about mental health profession considering loneliness a personality disorder, but what I think they are referring to are folks who chronically have that feeling, even when this is not the gestalt of their lives….like the kiddo on the playground who is busy for an entire 30 min w/ other kids, but still thinks he/she has no friends….

    I believe so much of feelings of 'loneliness vs. aloneness' comes from society….media gives you the sense that everyone out there is feeling all connected and having fun….when in reality, so many of us can still feel alone in a crowd…not truly understood, or completely connected….thats why I love it that she says " no one has the same synapses as you…" ….we really are alone in our own heads as we move through life…..the connections come in golden, precious moments….we can easily use the idea that we are not as insulation from all the scarier stuff, like illness, or worse, but truth be told, we are, each and every one of us, no matter how loved and cherished we are on our own journey….


  4. following the road less traveled…i wanted to be a long distance trucker too…

    but then again…
    you knew that…

    & i'm not alone.

  5. Nancy, someday when we are little old ladies, let us buy a couple of pink truck cabs and start a biz….we can travel the country and hit all those places that live in our imaginations!….you can take photos, and I shall cook! 🙂


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