It was a day of surprises…….


A package I have been WAITING for for ages finally arrived! I participated in the annual Umber Dove foodie swap….my trading partner being no less than Umber herself!….
……..the card inside said “may the beauty of the day lift up your spirits”….
signed in the lovely hand of one Kelly Clark, aka Umber Dove...
“artist, seer, lover of deep woods and deeper water…..”

….garlic pickles, red plum jam, and clover honey from the west coast cousins of my sister’s bees!..
 let me tell you, these goodies taste as good as they appear! The package had come a bit sooner, but I was saving it for a tasting party for a few days…
most importantly, these goodies came wrapped in friendship and love…
which little did I know, I was gonna need…..

as the universe apparently had  different plans for my day!…this is what the rest of my summer looks like….I am not a superstitious person by any stretch of the imagination, but it happened on Friday, the 13th!….BROKEN……please, can I get an “awwww”? 

I had the COOLEST peacock blue-green nail polish that I was planning to do my toes w/ too…
I am just so grateful it wasn’t my hand!
and I am STILL letting the beauty of the day lift my spirits..
now I have to let it, like it or not! 🙂
just in time
merci, merci, Kelly…I hope you enjoyed yours!

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  1. Awwwww, Kerin!!!! I'm so sorry about your leg–that is so freaky it happened on Friday the 13th too :{
    Hope it heals quickly–sending hugs and healing thought!

  2. Awwwwww, 🙁 🙁

    That package arrived in the nick of time.
    Keep your good spirit!

    * I found you through Nancy's blog


  3. Oh MY broken bones! KERIN! Nooooooo! I can't believe it – and on the 13th… weird for sure.

    At least you had jam! I can't imagine going through a broken bone with no jam in sight! I may need to send another jar just to get you through!



    Alice, thanks so…yah, its the little things in life ain't it?!…

    freaky friday for sure…hopefully I will get a big 'boot' in the next few days so I can be a bit more mobile…

    there are some custom orders screaming at me from my bench downstairs and I cannot get down there! …perhaps THEY need some jam!

  5. Oh no! hope it feels better soon! And coming from someone who eats a jar of jam a week, it definitely does make things better…

    By the way – saw some of your work in a store in Burlington this weekend and was so excited that I recognized it!!

  6. Awww…my gosh, this is no way to end the summer! I am glad the first-aid kit of jams and jellies was there to cheer you….I hope you are eating loads of yoghurt and staying away from dancing so your leg can heal…Get mended soon! xoxoxo

  7. Oh Nooooooo!!! kerin, I send you hugs 🙂
    Your Package arrived: I will be sending one of my own your way soon 🙂


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