more southwestern musings….

I find myself pondering how our environments shape us. Subtly, subversively….clandestinely creeping into hearts and souls and minds..
This one feels dry and unforgiving sometimes…..
a stern taskmistress,
and yet, if she is your cup of tequila..
you can find beauty and strength
in the tiny recesses of an upturned stone..less flashy… more hidden
like a gem you have to work hard to find
so incredibly worth it in the end.
what is it about where you live that you love?
please share with me!

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  1. I grew up in New England and the roocky Maine Coast is my favorite place on earth, I feel more at home there than anywhere. Now I live in Memphis and I love the mighty Missisippi river, the warm and green winters, and the sweltering summers (really).

    I visited Santa Fe and Taos last Christmas and fell in love with everything I saw. I finally truly understood what people mean by "wide open spaces".

  2. First off, I am wondering why I am not there with you? Your next trip I should plan to join you if only for a day, please! Second, what it is about here that I actually like…I do love the fact that our piece of land borders a grand ocean, feels like the wave wash the earth's face, love the fog that burns each day with great freshness, love the uncluttered skies, actually love the desert barrenness so near the ocean!


  3. …sometimes i like to sip my tequila…mi anejo…in a snifter…to smell the earth & taste the southwest spirit…& let it linger, gently…as i watch tall ships sail to port on the east river of my big city home…

    ~next trip, we'll swing by the ocean & pick up miss mona, definitely~

  4. Tomi!…yes, Maine Coast….ooooh my!…and it is amazing how you can fall in love with wherever you are……

    MLJ…like Nancy says, next time we will need to swing by the ocean for you…though I might need to stay awhile, as that is an ocean I have yet to see…


    Nancy…mi anejo….gosh, I DO think we are related or something…..we have too many of the same habits!


  5. Oh you know why I love where I live, I go on about it all the time…….

    But I have to say, this is a BEAUTIFUL post!!!

  6. Kerin, you know I love the Rocky Mountains covered with Pinon, Spruce, and Aspen jutting from the earth like the scaley back of a dragon. You know I love the high desert with mesquite, scrub oak, and barrel cactus spanning as far as the eye can see. You also know that I love the green fertile valley's and hidden hot springs that sandwich the mighty Rio Grande….but you also know that I love the slow pace of the Hawaiin Islands with soft sands, calm tide pools, thundering waves, and cool trade winds….. Maybe one of these days, I will be able to live in both places that I consider Paradise….

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