my new fashion statement…….

I tell you, its the little things in life!….I have graduated to this LOVELY fashionista boot…can I have a yee -ha?  I am still on sit-on-your -bum-with-your-foot-up detail ( and wont be able to drive for a looooong time, as its my left, and I am a lifelong diehard stick shift driver)….but….this thing has a rolly bottom, like one of those mbt shoes….(very coincidentally featured in The Joneses, the film that featured my jewelry) and though I am still not allowed to walk around, and I cannot put any pressure on it, it allows me to touch down lightly while using the crutches and have some sense of balance and not feel as if I am about to pitch forward and break something else…love, love, love, love my new shoe!
so, on that note:
I crawled ( literally!) to my studio yesterday for the first time since this happened..have had a few items that were desperately needing my attention. It it actually felt great to do a little bit of work….I began the carving a custom piece that is to be a wedding gift for a guy that travels a lot…it incorporates a St. Christopher’s medal ( Patron Saint of Travellers)  which is something I have never done before. It will be set in the center, and surrounded by black diamonds, with personal engraving adorning the back. The four ‘tabs’ are references to a cross, but also the four directions, like a compass to find your way home.I just wanted to give you a sneak peek into my process here…it still has quite a ways to go, but this is what it looks like so far so, please excuse the very  rough nature of the carving! A good friend of mine calls the interim stage of creating a work of art “amateur hour”….you know, that place where you can see where it might be going, but it still looks like you don’t quite know what you’re doing! 🙂
   I’ll post the finished product when it is complete…
this metamorphosis from a hunk of wax to a bejewlled piece of precious metal just never ceases to amaze me…but that is good thing I suppose?
in the meantime, I am wishing all of you a gorgeous week!
ox K

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  1. wow Kerin, you did a number with that leg? Hope you get out of those sexy boots soon. I love the custom project you are working on…the wax technique intrigues me! Have a great week my limping friend : )


  2. ohhh, while a very nice boots I hope you can start walking on it soon. Let me know if I can bring anything over or help in another way??

  3. "amateur hour", lol. There' nothing amateur looking about that work in progress. I think it's going to look amazing! Can't wait to see the finished product.
    Glad you're able to do some creating in spite of the bad leg. Hang in there, my friend.

  4. MLJ…when I do things, I do it WELL! :)…I know these are hot, hot, hot!

    Jess…thank you kindly! I am good…hoping maybe another week or two ?…have never done anything like this before…and they say broken bones take longer at a"certain age' he he!

    Alice…I'ma trying!…I dont remember the last time I had to sit around so much…I have indeed had enough, and I still have a ways to go….but yah, amateur hour!…I am excited about this piece too…and its for a guy…how much of that do we get to do?

    thanks for the company, lovelies!

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