Nasturtium moonshine…..

It’s that time of summer, where if I am not careful, I can start to get a little depressed….the green of the trees an grasses have lost some of their I-just-burst-out-of-the-bud lusciousness, my poppies have finished doing their crazy dramatic thing, and there are no more juicy eggplants to pick (tho’ tomatoes….omigod!)…I just start to see signs…the changing of the light…how it slants through the forest….that the season ( my favorite!) is gonna give way, sometime soon, to the beginnings of Fall…
That being said….
The nasturtium flowers keep going strong…so, I give you a GREAT way to save some summer sunshine for those cooler months….and remind yourself in the dead of winter that yes, soon, very soon….Mme. Spring will come to the rescue!
  (this recipe makes a pint!)
1 cup any liquor…I have used vodka, maple liqueur, apple ginger liqueur,whiskey, bourbon….but anything you like will do
1/2 cup nasturtium blossoms
1/2 cup fruit , chopped ( this is optional….I put apples in one…pears, dried berries, whatever)
1/2 cup simple syrup
simple syrup:
1 cup sugar
1 cup H2O
mix  everything together in  small saucepan…bring to a simmer and turn off! let sit till cool….close up jars nice and tight, put em in a cabinet, and let ‘cure’ for about 3 months…you can strain out the flowers and fruit before drinking, or leave a few in….Nasturtiums are edible!
sip, if you do something like bourbon, or lovely on vanilla bean ice cream if you have chosen a liqueur 
like I said, perfect to open and have a tasting party in the middle of January…


oxx K

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  1. Wow Kerin…the jars look so colorful…I love the pictures and am sure the drinks will come in handy in the cold of winter! I am so with you about this time of year…much as I love each season for its own, the change from summer to fall is the toughest for me, perhaps because it reminds me of going back to school and end of carefree days (even though I cannot say that my summers are really carefree)…still, it is a time to relax perhaps…enjoy the colors! Happy Thursday to you! xoxoxo

  2. C'mon over everyone!….we can have a party in January…though I am not sure this place would be anyone's cup o' tea then, unless you are a skier! 🙂

    mi casa es su casa!

  3. mmmm….
    Just in time for my b-day.
    I am coming out of the blues now with my favourite season approaching…Humans are funny* creatures.
    *By Funny I mean – odd, peculiar, bizarre, curious, dubious, fantastic, mysterious, perplexing, puzzling, queer, remarkable, strange, suspicious, unusual, weird*
    Do let us know how you enjoy it when you do…

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