kerin rose, knitting

It’s that time of year that all the signs…..

point to the fact that…..

it is time to gather my acorns for the winter……what does Fall look like in your world?…I am such an armchair traveler…so, no secrets, you!…tell me?!

namaste, K

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  1. I can easily tell you that your fall looks way more beautiful than ours…we went from the loveliest temps of 50s and 60s to 107 yesterday and even higher today…hah, fall in Southern Cal!!! How is your leg doing btw? Those apples look so lovely…yummm xoxo

  2. autumn colours last only briefly and occur in early september.
    wind gusts remove the leaves to leave us with bare trees, now, ’til the spring.
    snow has already fallen and frosts the mountaintops with “termination dust”.
    blue skies invite but cool temps remind one to bundle in sweaters, toques, mitts.

    this is our “warning” season: time to put away all the garden tools, the lawn chairs;
    time to “put by” the berries and the garden veggies.

    and, so, i practice yoga and snowshoe up my coyote hill instead of bicycle to the mountains.
    knitting is prayer and meditation.

    thank you for your lovely photos.
    the rich colours remind me to fill my journal with relics from autumn, fill my pantry with apples and veggies.

  3. The leaves on every tree are either burnt red/orange or gold… and the sky is cooling to a hushed blue…

    The musk of dirt and shifts of the wind have me grabbing bulky cotton yarn to do what you too begin:P

  4. well, I so wish I could zoom around the country in my private jet, and visit all of you! :)…
    seriously though, dont you love these transitional seasons?…spring and fall….my favorites!
    thanks so much for your sharing! ox K

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