Don’t you love those moments where your life makes you feel as if you are living in a movie?……really should be the other way around….but I got this gift today, outside my window, and I’ll take it!…..wishing you all a beautiful week end, wherever you are in the world…..and thank you all for the beautiful and loving thoughts left for me and Lolita, both here and on my facebook page ( and the emails and calls too! ) …it means the world….

all the colors of the rainbow to you and yours!  ox Kerin

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  1. Oh, sweets, had I known I would have offered much more support…
    You’ve always been available, and that has meant so much,
    I’ve got prayers of soothing coming your way,
    I care for you and am so sorry you are hurting.

  2. Kerin, I’m so sorry for your loss, and am so glad that you had this sight for sore eyes to follow. Thinking of you today. Hang in there and keep looking upward.


  3. everyone who left a comment there ( and those of you who came to visit, and didn’t too!)….my heart is heavy, but also feeling so rich and full of love…..all of your kind thoughts and expressions of care have helped so much….more than you will ever know….

    with deepest gratitude,
    and appreciation
    and love

    ox K

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