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kerin rose, fall, vermont, andy goldsworthy, loveA friend was talking about Andy Goldsworthy on her blog last week…she reminded me just how much I adore his work…check out the link if you have the time…you will be AMAZED……me, I am just messing around and having some fun..though I will tell you,  this is a genuine token of my appreciation for your visits here….

hoping your week is off to a stupendous start….


kerin rose

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  1. Oh, Amigas, your comments are way too kind!…mine is kind of like the Wal-mart version! :)…
    I was really just fooling around….
    my love for you is the Neiman-Marcus version!

  2. Plumey, you are waaaay too kind! 🙂

    Riva, this would be sooo cool! 🙂


    Michaela, that one is my fave too!….if you like his work, check out the documentary about him called “Rivers and Tides”….he doesnt appear to be much of a ‘talker”, but I sure agree w/ you! 🙂

    oh , I am just so full of smiley emoticons to-day!

  3. …oh, Kerin…i’ve been struggling with what to post next on my blog…how YOU’ve inspired ME…so here’s another homespun version…dedicated to YOU, PlUmEy & of course: Andy Goldsworthy…merci!

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