Today’s mission…..

kerin rose, fall, pumpkins

Today’s mission is to find the perfect pumpkin…..

no harm meant, but how on earth does one choose, in this sea of orange goodness?

Each one yelling, “pick me, pick me”…..and…I am terribly ashamed to say…I sort of favour the wide, squatty type…so, sadly, some simply will not be heading home with me…

ah, someone really has caught my eye….stood out amongst the crowd…fits perfectly in the crook of my arm…..she is perfect in her imperfection! ( wink wink)…

hope you are having a deliciously beautiful day!

did you get your pumpkin yet?

namaste, in love and light, kerin

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  1. Ah, Jillian, these cost me all of 4 bucks apiece too!…all this orange goodness for a song!…we get to make scary decorations, AND your fancy pumpkin soup!


    MLJ…sometimes, Vermont is such a poster girl….I DO feel like life is sort of fable-y looking!
    ( oh making up words again, here I go! )

    glorious Tuesday to you all! ox

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