What would you teach the next generation about creativity?

kerin rose, creativity, butterfly

kerin rose, creativity, butterflyThis query came  this morning by way of Tara Gentile, author of the blog Scoutie Girl…such a huge huge subject…especially in light of the fact that newsweek magazine has stated that we are in the midst of a “creative crisis” in our country…see the link for this thought provoking article…I would begin by saying this, a quote from someone I revered…and actually had the incredible honor to have taken some master classes with…

” There is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium, and will be lost”. ~ Martha Graham

Your creativity is like your unique fingerprint on the universe…actually, everything about you is…may it shine on, and shine loud!


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  1. Hey Kerin- this is an important question you are asking…how do we nurture the virtue of creativity? Creativity in sciences is what we call progress…takes us to new places, and nearly everyone can be creative. Unfortunately, the pressure of economy and getting ahead sometimes makes people opt for noncreative paths. A late friend, a Disney imagineer, once spoke about how we can all live creatively even if we don’t call ourselves artists, and we must, as it is a divine attribute, so not paying attention to it is not good.

    Well, perhaps that was thoughtless ramble but just wanted to pop in and say hi. Hope your face is not frozen and you are well! xoxo

  2. oh, Mona, NOTHING ” thoughtless” about this ramble!…..really, I just threw out this quote b/c of the question thrown out by Tara….but it is so very TRUE..creativity is NOT just the domain of art….all of the greatest thinkers were creative….its about that “aha” moment, that possibility and ponderance, the capacity for divergent thinking….and really, to be a visionary at anything, you must be CREATIVE….and the starting point, I suppose, is this Graham quote….understanding the uniqueness and value in our own ideas….

    BTW, right now I look like a lopsided chipmunk w/ mascara! 🙂 oxox0K

  3. Mascara-wearing chipmunks are still pretty hot.

    This IS vital (crisis indeed), so I think my very generalized answer would be this: We are all created beings therefore creation and creativity reside in every single one of us. This does not mean we will all draw pictures or build sculptures, instead it means that each human has her own unique spark of creativity that can manifest in 10,000 different ways. It will never go completely out, will never disappear, but we can choose to fan it brighter at any age and at any time.

    That said, how blessed are we to KNOW the creation of our hands? AMEN!

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