the happy results…..


congrats to you oh me, oh my…

but the thing I enjoy least about hosting a giveaway is that I cannot send something to everyone


today thats gonna change

I have a small surprise for EVERYONE who left a response here..

yessirree, I do!

so…please forward your snail mail addy to:

kerinrosestudio ( at)

to claim yours!

just a little ‘something’

for I so appreciate your taking the time, to stop by, to read, to ponder, to participate with me in this journey called

art and life

namaste and ginger dreams to you all!

I thank you for your beautiful company

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  1. nope, WE are all winners!….because somewhere in the universe a golden thread of heartfelt kindness connects us all!…

    namaste, om shanti,
    may you be peaceful
    may you be happy
    may you be free

    thank you for playing with me!

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