A haiku….

This day of winter,

kerin rose, icicles, photos

The world seems as if it is,

kerin rose, queen anne's lace

incubating hope.


Here’s to the week end! Happy Friday to you, wherever you are in the world, and in your heart….K

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  1. My goodness, a snow egg, I like to pour syrup on it and eat it. If I saw ice stallachtites, I would be eating those too, it is just instinct with me to want to lick those. Luckily I cannot eat the last one…Happy Friday to you and I like the idea of incubating hope! xxoo

  2. Gosh Kerin!
    These photos! Beautiful.
    Love the icicles…Love the wee hearts atop the stems…
    Are you using your big girls camera? ;P
    Hope you are happy and well and warm…

  3. Mona, soon it WILL be time to pour syrup on the snow and eat it ! ( remember, thats what we do around here…eat it w/ a dill pickle!) I would take you to the sugar house for a treat!

    and Andrea, no, silly little girl camera…please please please will you come and give me lessons? ( my sis said that by the time I got used to it, they would have a newer model, and its true:(…I dont know what is wrong with me….keep going back to the ol’ comfort zone!)

    and Kelly, you know you can swoon into my anything, anytime!


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