A murder of crows…sideways….

Before I even begin my story here, let me just say that  raven and crow are solitary creatures  who could care less of our opinions of them. So much of the superstition that surrounds their appearance in nature ( or city settings) really has only been a belief common within the last couple of hundred years….perhaps all the negative connotation has to do with their appearance on battlefields…but being the scavengers they are, and superbly curious creatures it sort of follows that they would show up there…..

Ravens and crows ( part of the family of corvidae) in actuality possess  incredible intelligence…perhaps one of their best features.  Check out this TED video about how smart they really are…toolmaking and all!. Another little known fact is that they can be trained to speak, and many legends of yore depict them as the ultimate oracle!

There are many cultures, particularly those of the northwest coast , that point to the raven as a keeper of powerful secrets. Raven is also often seen as a messenger and communicator of deep mysteries, with a capacity to fortell the future, reveal omens and signs. I believe a bit of respect may be warranted!

Walking in the woods on Sunday a red tail hawk soared by above. I began to hear the ravens calling and within moments no less than 75 of them came flying from all directions….the ravens began to chase the hawk away from their woods…the sound was deafening…as they flew west, screaming and chasing…to the south, screaming and chasing some more…they swooped so low again and again…..until the hawk was able to get away ….and just as it began, one at a time, they flew back to their solitary sentinel perches…..

In my excitement of trying to capture this event on video, I pushed the wrong button on my camera, and missed the most dramatic parts…but I did get this…albeit…sideways!….oh well…I am sharing it anyways, mostly because I just love the SOUND of it all!.

Tough as nails, I just love raven medicine….

hoping your week is off to a shiny start…xo

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  1. viewed your sweet little video several times.
    i love it.
    have never seen so many crows/ravens at one time, all together….
    a murder of crows.

    u r the best.

  2. Okay, now we know that you can only do “artsy” films and not the standard Hollywood ones! Hee hee. Those birds flew by fast…what was their beef with the hawk. I love TED and will be watching it later to learn more about crows and ravens.

    When I was growing up the crows in our neighborhood would steel our bars of soap. I don’t know what they were doing with them. I always expected to see their mouths foaming but never did. People always said crows bring news but no crow brought me any news.

    Lovely seeing you Kerin…xoxo

  3. Hello Girlfriends! thanks for putting up with my poor cinematography!…:)
    yes, Marie, I never saw so many at one time!
    Mona, they just dont like them in their territory…oh, foaming at the mouth crows…now THAT would be a sight!

  4. As I’m sure you can tell Crows are one of my favourite creatures…
    They are maligned for being pests and dirty but like most sweeping statements it is based on ignorance. There are so many wonderful real and fictional stories about Crows, it’s hard to believe they are hated by so many…
    The title {and sideways film!} indicates you may have seen the Nature of Things documentary…If not you can watch it online… http://www.cbc.ca/documentaries/natureofthings/2009/murderofcrows/
    Oh I could go on and on, but I won’t.
    I love this post Kerin 🙂
    I have a wee collection of crows started. People are now starting to give them to me…Do you find the same thing with hummingbirds?

  5. Oh man… crows and ravens. How I adore them! One of my deepest loves is camping in the redwood forests, listening to the knocking call of the ravens in the evening as the sky deepens and the moon begins to rise.

    Thank you miss, for your cinematographic treat!

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