my weekend looked like this……..

kerin rose, jewelry, handmade, ecofriendly, silver, gold

kerin rose, jewelry, woodpecker hole
kerin rose, jewelry, sumac

oh, please, pretty please, tell me about yours?

kerin rose, jewelry, handmade, ecofriendly, silver, gold

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  1. Love what I think I’m making out in the wax!

    My weekend included skiing with friends and a LOT of cleaning. Some lattes, some Lord of the Rings, and one fat and happy cat.

  2. So beautiful. Sadly my weekend was spent sick in bed watching endless hours of television and moments of mindfully noticing what I was feeling, where. But seem to be on the upswing today and hoping that I’ll get to enjoy the beauty of this winter in the very near future. I seem to be missing out on one of the snowiest winters in recent memory.

  3. Ooh, your recent wax carving looks really great, Kerin! My weekend was spent visiting with family, thrifting, baking, crossword-puzzling, and sketching–not too bad a weekend 🙂 Hope you’re doing well! xoxox,

  4. Not nearly as good as this!
    That wax should be mounted as it is…I can only imagine the finished product. Beautiful.
    Stayed happy and active and warm…Good for the soul if not the camera.


    You HAVE been a busy bee!

    Weekendy report… There was sunshine, dog-jogs, a gin martini at sunset, heels and wigs, a kitchen scrubbing, meyer lemon bars, catching up on [boring-pays-the-bills] work, reading till midnight. So all in all, mellow and lovely.

  6. A lot of this and that, things that had to get done and in the midst of it all, 5 hours of Emergency Rescue Training and a dance class! I wonder why I do what I do?

    I see you were up to more interesting things… xoxo

  7. Emily, where do you ski around your parts?
    Riva, I am soooo sorry you are under the weather!…hope you are better soon!
    Ivy, we play ‘cheater’ crossword puzzle…use the laptop to look for answers! I am ashamed! 🙂
    Andrea, happy and warm ain’t nothing to sneeze at!
    Umber, mellow and lovely , yes? with heels, wigs and gin and tonic! oh my!
    Mona, you are training to be an emergency specialist too?…and dance! ( I danced around my studio a bit…does that count?

    oh, so good to hear from all of you here….!
    xo K

  8. Who else is training for that? Personally, I think it sucks but daily news of doom prompted me to do sth, so I attended training and danced. Dancing in the studio counts for a lot. The next step is to take it outside mdf (my dear friend). xxoo

  9. wow. you caught snowflakes. i’m in awe.

    my weekend: boat show with the mister. knitted. relaxed. needed the time to re-group and feed my spirit.

    so good to see your lovely winter photos!


  10. Such beautiful pictures, Kerin. I don’t get over here to check out your blog nearly enough. I’ve never seen individual snowflakes so perfectly formed like that!

    My weekend was far less magical. Laundry loads and endlessly trying to housebreak the pup. 🙂

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