rose-lynn fisher, bee

Had to share with you the work of the incredible rose-lynn fisher, photographer extraordinaire of bees…taken through and electron scanning microscope, she has written an ode to the bee, in all its glory using the microscope  to reveal a secret world, invisible to the naked eye, yet so complex and full of mystery.She says bees are like an “alchemist transmuting nectar into honey, architect, spatial genius and winged apothecary, the honeybee has been revered and utilized by civilizations throughout time”.

Thank you Rose-Lynn, for granting me permission to share your corner of the world!

Hope you all had a wonderful week! Enjoyeux!

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  1. oh, my….
    such designs….and often we do not see them until a photographer such as rose-lynn reveals these extraordinary images for our eyes….

    thank you for sharing, kerin.


  2. Amazing…The things we never see. Sometimes good not to{dust mites}…Sometimes someone opens up a whole new world to us…{you}{Rose-lynn}

    { for the animation you asked about….Have fun!}


  3. OH, mona cracks me up…i thought these were macro images of a Venus Fly Trap at first…then someones clay work on Etsy…BEES!?!
    & what incredible textures she reveals in those buzzers…


  4. oh no, did not want to give anyone night mares! :)…..I just think they are so cool!…now , if they were photos of the mites that live on our eyelashes or something….ewwwww!…I suppose I am sort of selective about my bugs!

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