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kerin rose, Japan, please help, flower photo

kerin rose, Japan, please help, flower photoMy heart aches for the people of Japan…in these difficult economic times, I know there is so little ‘extra’ to go around, but I have been inspired to give a donation to the American Red Cross… perhaps you will join me?….every little bit is like a grain of sand…gather them together and you have a beautiful beach…

A good friend commented yesterday that the Earth seems “angry” at us…that there have been so many natural disasters…really huge ones in the last few years.. Katrina, Haiti, New Zealand..now this..I sometimes wonder…we are foolish creatures, we forget to respect…we forget who is really in charge….

If you cannot send a few dollars, send your spirit and heart…light a candle…..hold healing and recovery ┬áin your thoughts….human solidarity is what we can send…strength…unity…..love

namaste…holding you in my heart…K

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  1. thank you, dear kerin, for the reminder of *who* is really in charge….

    such devastation. such horror. my heart is saddened and poured out for the people of japan.


  2. thank you all for joining me here…there is really not much to say, except I am so grateful…for you, for my life, for the easy existence I have…my heart is so heavy for all the people of Japan…the nuclear fallout is almost too much to bear…my sister pulled out her recording of the “No Nukes” concert from the 70’s and said ” see, no one wanted to listen”…

    it made me cry…all this devastation so we can have light, 24/7 at the flick of a switch…

    we are our own worst enemy, but also our greatest hope if we choose to be…..

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