Its that time of the year…..

kerin rose, sugar on snow

kerin rose, sugar house

kerin rose, ber listening to the treeskerin rose, maple sugar candykerin rose, syrup gradeskerin rose, new, friendkerin rosekerin rose, sugar on snow

kerin rose, sugaring

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  1. wow. sapping the maples is much the same as sapping the birch trees.
    michael designed/built a “pan” much like “your” pan….he even built an outdoor cooker.
    we sapped/syrup’d for several years together on our property.

    i can taste the maple goodness as i view your photos.

    thanks for the tour, kerin.
    [and thank you for including the sweet cattle noses, too….!]


  2. yes, it was a great,lovely, lovely day!…and, hard to tell from these photos, about 40 degrees, so pretty warm out too…I did not know you could tap birches, Marie…what does that taste like?…
    I love the cows…wish they were not so shy…usually they run away when you try to pet them, but this one kept licking my hands!…must’ve been the maple cream donut I ate!…. I had so much sugar ( which I RARELY eat) I had a tummy ache the next day…but it was fun while I was doing it)….thank you for stopping by!

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