A new and different journey…..

kerin rose, Henry, dog, love

Such a strange yet lovely feeling….someone else is at the end of the leash….who knows where this journey will take me?… I hope we will have some great adventures together……and you, did you have some adventures this week?

please tell!



kerin rose, Henry, dog, love

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  1. Kerin,
    he’s utterly adorable! really beautiful coloring & long, wavy coat! AWWWWW, i just want to join you on your walk & play with the two of you!

    so tell us what he’s like, what his personality is like &&&&&& what you’ve chosen for a name?
    sometimes it’s best to live with your baby to get a feel for the fit of a “name.”

  2. Mr. Hudson,

    Welcome, WELCOME to this corner of the interwebs. We’re delighted you’ve chosen Ms. Kerin as your traveling companion, if not a little envious ourselves. PLEASE share the details of your doggy day INCLUDING what has been found, thus far, as your favorite smackeral.

    In abiding affection,
    UmberDove and SanchoPup

  3. OH…pardon me, Mr. Henry Hudson!
    i missed the posting of your naming…it’s PERFECT!

    btw, one of my favorite actors played a character named “Hud”…close! :))

  4. heee! you are all so funny!…and supportive….and well, thank you for floating by to say “hello”!….Yes, the ” hudson” came from my neighbor, who thinks he’s so cute she says she’s a gonna kidnap him…and Marie decided it should stick!… I was thinking more “Henri Matisse, Henry Moore “, two favorite artists but Henry Hudson was an explorer, so perhaps thats a good fit?!…he does, at times, look like a little old man and like he should have on tiny wire framed glasses…. lets see…personality-wise, he as sweet as pie, and very laid back, for someone who is only about 8 months old…he came from Georgia, via a rescue group, so this winter will be his first…he appears to be corgi and border collie, says the vet, and is a ‘low rider’, so there is my NM connection…and Auntie Umber, so far his favorite smakeral has been a little kong toy filled w/ dried up chicken…kinda grosses my vegan self out…:)

  5. OH!
    I said to my cat today as we came in from the backyard, she on green leash…”I think we need a dog.” She gave me ‘the look’…
    Henry is Wonderful! Look at his awesome coat! Lucky You {both}…I understand the whole pet food grossness completely…
    I love the perspective of this shot Kerin. Great work!
    Today I tried my hand at SMAW…quite an experience! I kept getting the stick stuck to the metal plate! >:) Bemused…My life is so FULL of adventure right now it is amazing. And more taxing than I expected. Hard for a solitary type to be constantly around other Humans…
    I think of you often and the experiences you’ve had, the teaching, the learning, the changes you’ve mentioned…I hope with all my heart that you are well. Part of my journey began with the book you sent me…A kindness beyond what I expected and it creaked a very rusty door ajar…Thank you so much…xo

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