Please help….

kerin rose, pup, jewelry

kerin rose, pup, jewelryWell, hello there beautiful!…..Can you help me?….right now, my name is “Pup”….you would think with such a creative Momma she could do better than that?!

I need a name! Something cool, or old  fashioned, not too common….y’know, something “me”….it would be really really embarrassing to be walking around being called “Pup” when I am two! ( sorry for the blurry photo…I am just learning to model, but this is my first try at looking ‘fierce’)

Oh and I forgot to say, I am a boy!

P.S. I love you!

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  1. O my goodness, what an adorable babe… I cannot help you now, I have a mental block having just walked out of chemistry class. I just realized that the babe is a boy. a boy babe! xo

  2. The reason I thought of ‘Barker’ is a possible name derivation ‘bar Ker’. Not really applicable here since it would mean ‘son of Ker(in)’ but hey.

  3. Okay, my partner and I just brain stormed: Able, Ashton, Gus, Abner, Lester, Luster (you do make jewelry and this guy is a gem), Arthur, Ted, Paul, Pavlov, Webster, Howard–of course, we have nothing to go on but Pup’s photo! Good luck!

  4. Oh my goodness, what a sweetie!!! For some reason he looks like a Barnaby to me–I will have to think of some other cool names. Ted and I are thinking about getting a doggie, too 🙂

  5. jasper.

    dogs respond best to two syllables containing hard consonant sounds.

    i love his sweet little face. i want to smooch it. [smile]


  6. ooooh, ahh!….wowza!….these are all great! so, can I give him,like 4 names?!….
    Yah, I want to smooch his face alot too…but I think we should be on first name basis first, no? he he!

  7. i have a list of names for the pups i will ONE DAY have in my life…
    the names i have collected come from characters played by my favorite actors…

    for this pup, he looks like a…

    ??? can you guess what movie he’s from ???


  8. Oooh. I like all the names. I’ve always had a fondness for the name “Jack” from the Laura Ingalls series. Or Jackson, if a two syllable name works better. I like Jake, too. I adopted a boy and girl pair of Maltese. They were already well named when I became their mama…Maverick and Bella. But I wanted to give them a name from me…so they became Maverick Jack and Bella Button…with my last name, of course. 😀

    And still thinking of you with Loli…I know it’s not easy moving on…but there is always a special part of your heart that belongs specifically to Loli. I know that is the case for me with Bijou who passed 1/4/09. Maverick and Bella went to new families, since traveling to Hong Kong would have been too stressful for them. I miss them dearly, but they also have permanent places in my heart for them as well. (I also get to see them when I visit Texas.)

    He has such a sweet face and I’m glad you’ve found a new buddy to have adventures with. Smooches to the new boy!

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