A weekend send off….

My latest girl crush…….these two are amazing……genuine artistry through and through…check out some of their other videos on youtube…they call themselves rising appalachia…genre bending folk/world/old time bluegrass/performance art amalgam…

breathaking….in my next life, I plan on asking for a singing voice!

have a glorious week end…for us, it is raining…again…thinking it’s time to get instructions for building the ark! xo K


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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE OH MY GOODNESS LOVE THIS!!!!! it’s visually stunning, musically compelling and I love the message! thank you for sharing! (and it was so nice to “see you” again…..

  2. Hi Kerin, Just stopped by to say hello from the fish bowl. Your jewelry is amazing! Looking forward to getting to know you in the fish bowl. Great video too. xo Stacie

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