Ah see the light…..

Sunday’s adventure….the annual pilgrimage up north to Glover,VT”s very own Bread and Puppet theatre…. this summer’s presentation: Man=Carrot  Ah see the light!….more to come…..but in a nutshell, this years message….the time of our disconnect from nature to end is now…we are the earth and the earth is us…time to take care or she will soon no longer be able to care for us…..when I used to do the farmer’s markets regularly here, out of towners would ask what we do around here for fun…stuff like THIS, I suppose!… ( they inspire me so…) xo

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  1. We are dust…

    Very fascinating…These types of shows {or poetry, etc.} are just beyond my understanding…So of course I am drawn to them. I was wondering Kerin, do you “get it”? I sometimes fear I am too literal minded. It scares me.

    I acquired some cloudberry jam for you today. A friend of mine made some. So I’ve got a wee jar to send to you…Sending after I make some caramel apple butter to go with it…

    Hope you are having a wonder~full week.

  2. yes, I do sort of ‘get it’ Andrea!…and THAT sort of frightens me, he he!….truthfully, it makes more sense in the context of the whole show…I will post more photos later and you will see…someday you must travel down here and I will take you and be your guide….!…
    In truth, you could not take the breathtaking photos you do if you did not ‘get it’ on any level…
    does this make sense?…AH cannot wait for ze jam!!!!!!!! 🙂

    MLJ…I so hope you are right!…you are right about so many things, so I shall put this on the list!

    love and light to you both…and thank you for humoring me!…back w/ more later! xoxo

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