kerin rose, hives

Sometimes I feel like I live in a postcard…sigh…

Soon it will be time to gather the last of the sweet golden elixir my friends create and say sweet dreams for the winter…..

Hoping your week-end is languidly gorgeous…( THEY are very busy! 🙂


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  1. yes, what a gorgeous place!

    gosh, how many hives do you have?
    what lucky little workers. i hope they have chance to note the beauty too . . .

    nothing better than honey straight from the comb!
    gold indeed!!!

  2. Actually Laurie, they are my sister’s and her partner Michael’s…they have the ones you see here, plus another set about the same size at another location ( 8 maybe?) painted in Ralph Lauren pastel designer colors….! yes, nothing like organic raw honey off the comb!….


    JJ…this is where I get my carving wax! xo

  3. I think it’s absolutely fantastic that you harvest your own wax. I love your employbees!!!!!

    Thanks for the peek!

    I hope you’re enjoying your time off….

  4. Well, you are in a post card and I would be sad to have to wrap it up for winter too regardless of how beautiful it may be and it is….I am at work but happy that one of my instruments is not repaired…I have to say yoo hoo xo

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