Henry is wishing you….

kerin rose, henry, dog

kerin rose, henry, dog

Henry is wishing you a wonderful weekend…he is off to a Hen House Hop on Saturday to explore all the ways folks are keeping chickens around here in an ‘urban’ setting…. please note that urban is in quotes, cause, unless you have been to Vermont, you might not know that the BIGGEST city in this state is only about 36,000 folks…! πŸ™‚ I dunno, I find it a bit funny!..

Wishing you relaxation, sunshine and whatever it is you are jonesing for Β in the next 48 hours!….

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  1. I have such a strong urge to kiss that little boy on his smiley face, only you can imagine that! Lucky Henry! Wishing you a lovely weekend! xoxo

  2. my goodness: mister henry hudson is quite handsome. this is the first photo i’ve seen of him showing his full face, head-on, with a sweet smile….
    it appears you two have become very good friends.
    i am so happy for you!


  3. Oh Ivy I don’t know…just following along w/ a friend…I don’t eat eggs or meat, so they would really only be ‘decoration’ for me! :)….what I would really love is a mini donkey!

    Marie, Henry has been hard to photograph…he moves FAST! and is low to the ground, like Zig…but I do think he is a good looking boy, if I say so myself!


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