candles lit and holding my breath…..

Holding my breath…more tears from the heavens are pouring down upon us…flash flood warnings tonight…the Seven African Powers and Good Luck candles are lit ….do your thing, send your prayers, please, really, for all of us…fires in Texas, tornado watch in the South…I feel as if the Earth is crying…..I worked all day collecting clothing for folks here who have lost all of theirs…this effort feels small and not enough…please count your blessings always, hold your loved ones close,don’t go to sleep angry, and walk lightly upon our Mother Earth….holding you in my heart….namaste….

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  1. this is a greater tragedy than ever imagined…know that your efforts will have a HUGE impact!

    friends & friends of friends in “my upstate neighboring” town of Keene have literally watched their lives, their homes, their fire department, flash~flood~by before them…
    it’s all i can think about these days…
    so i, too, pray. & pray. & hope.

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