Mandala = circle = connection = cosmos…

The Human Mandala Project in Crestone from Josh Davis on Vimeo.

Such beauty….and featuring the beyond lovely Rising Appalachia. They say when mandalas are seen in a dream, they represent the dreamer’s search for completeness….some say we are never ‘complete’ …we are always searching for something ‘more’ and once we find that, there is another ‘thing on the list’ that feels necessary…others say that you  can attain completeness when you want nothing… when you believe that the way things are is ‘exactly enough’, that everything is exactly as it ‘should be’…you can feel complete if you have a sense of rightness and fullness with exactly ‘what is’ in this very moment, this very breath…

I honestly cannot say that I do not sometimes believe the former definition, but I am striving so hard to believe the latter….I falter and fail and correct the language in my heart and mind…I keep trying….

What about you?  What makes you feel complete?



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  1. I tend to go with your intuition, a never-ending striving, and that is because we really do not know our own potential.
    You ask difficult questions. I sometimes ask myself what I have done today that could be praiseworthy so I could do it again and I don’t find anything. I think I am not fulfilling my potential properly but I try. I love you from the deep parts of my heart. xoxo

  2. Ah Ms. Mona, you so have my number! :)…I have been a ‘difficult question asker’ since I was a tiny wee thing….my momma says she used to lock herself in the bathroom to get away from my deep curiosities, if only to catch a break! he he!…of course I have absolutely no recollection of this….

    love right back in your direction, Miss!

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