Mendhi hands….

kerin rose, mehndikerin rose

I love my hands. I am not sure most of us think about them too much, but really they are such incredible marvels of ‘biological machinery’ ! I think about mine a lot. When I think about all they do, all they can do, my heart bursts…Not only have mine been a source of lifelong joy as they are the conduit for my creative expression..( according to my parents, I have had way above average fine motor control since I was an infant…apparently ‘sewing’ into little pieces of fabric before I could even speak well) ,they are a large part of how I take information in from the world…I am one of those people who never truly understands anything until I have a chance to “do it” or touch something  with my hands. I walk through a clothing shop and have to touch every fabric,  I wander the forest running my hands over the trees…and, rudeness alert here…I like to eat with ’em too!

As they get older, I love the way they look…they are not beautiful, but they are so strong,so well worn and well used…I deeply appreciate them even more when I think about all they have done for me…My hands tell the story of my life.

What about you?  What parts of yourself do you really love? What deserves some embellishment?

xx K

PS …gorgeous henna tattoo by the lovely Rebecca of Heartfire Henna….she is truly incredible…if you are ever in the area, you must go and see her…



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  1. that third photo says it all for me: i love the strength that shows in your arms, your hands, the nape of your neck.

    years ago, i fell in love with a girlfriend’s hands: she was an artist, and as we graduated college together, her hands were ALWAYS covered with various hues of paint.
    i remind her, to this day, how much i love[d] her hands.

    i wish i could tell you i love ALL of me, so i will: i am falling in love with all of my body.
    truth be: i struggle with this self-love, so it’s not vanity, it’s a lesson i’m in the midst of learning.

  2. First let me say how cute marie is…I had to chuckle lovingly reading her honest voice.

    Second- that is beautiful artwork and even more so with the bracelets…simply gorgeous

    Third- you ask a difficult question; for most of us, artists or scientists or surgeons or whatever…our hands would have to be very important but I think hands are especially important because they feed us, caress others, hold, heal…I think eyes are incredible, so revealing, little windows to our inside…and then there are….the list is long. One must love them all with gratitude.

  3. Your bracelets look heavenly & your Mendhi divine! I especially like the finger drawing! How I would enjoy Mendhi artwork on my body…perhaps one day I will have a Mendhi sleeve done, that way my it wouldn’t interfere with my day job “dress code!”

    I, too, like my hands…always did. They look like, & remind me of, my mother’s…such long fingers i have…i can palm a basketball & i often think that the Seinfeld “Man Hands” episode was written about me!

    Perhaps I shouldn’t have divulged that…hmmm.

  4. I love my hands too! Lately photographing them more and more as I am painting again in my art journals. I also love my feet. tan feet. Yoga toes. beachwalking feet. and I photograph them alot. My feet are my vehicle, as I love love love to walk. Walk fast! Such an important body part, our feet. I walked a Marathon for Leukemia…YES, walked 8 hours and 15 minutes, 26.2 miles!! So my hands and feet are my favorite body parts I honor and value every single day!

  5. Yep. That third image.

    You know, when I was in high school I had a boy tell me he could never date me because my hands were bigger than his. Naturally, and rather tragically, I therefore hated my hands for years, hiding them from any sort of attention or picture taking. Then, sometime in my late 20’s a switch flipped and I saw them through new eyes. I have broad [basketball playing] palms and very long fingers, veins that course like garden hoses (verbatim from one of my nurses :), and sharp tendons. Now, I see them as such a marvel and I deeply love it all.

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