Why we create….

The visionary ceramicist Paulus Berensohn on why we create……I think our creativity is entwined with our spirituality, whether we realize it or not. It’s how we affirm our aliveness, our humanity, its our attempt to answer  questions about why we are here, and of course ,its how we try to leave a mark for when we are  here no longer….its an expression of  our joys, our sorrows and just about everything in between….

Yes, I am trying to ‘sing up the earth”….I love this man.

Why do you create?  Won’t you share with me?…..( and a point I need to make is that creativity is not solely the domain of the arts…pie or a beautiful letter, anyone? :)….namaste, xx K


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  1. why do i create?
    to give the world a bit of who i am.
    it’s therapy when i’m bothered by something.
    to keep the synapses connecting.
    it’s what i’ve done since i was able to pick up a crayon and draw.
    to keep on trying new things.

    and that’s just the short list.

    i look forward to viewing this video after i can pour a cup of tea and sit a while….


  2. I create at work because I need to earn money for my very expensive lifestyle! I also create because my friends Mara and Kerin make me compete with them on who can knit a hat faster. I create stashtastic pictures of my friends because that is how I actually see them.

    Why do you create, you did not tell us. You only asked a very personal question of your fans!

    Hoo Haw,

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