Happy New Year…..

Kerin Rose, Henry, Happy New Year

Kerin Rose, Henry, Happy New Year

Wishing you and yours a glorious 2013!

xo kerin and henry

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  1. oh, Feliz Navidad to both of you beauties!…I know I have been very quiet…..I think I am having an introspective time here…just not much to say…I love you both for coming to visit! xo

  2. !!Oh, what a boy!!
    He is pretty fantastic…
    I am up really {really} late there is a blizzard here and I am anxious…
    So, internet and prayers!
    I notice in your twitter feed at right you asking about a bronze collection…I think your work would be lovely in bronze…Especially Bees! Looking forward to seeing if you go ahead with it! I made my man a bronze guitar pick for Christmas…I put it in an engagement ring box, he looked a little worried. haha. It is diamond shaped…
    I hope this year is wonderful for and to you…And Henry of course…

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