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kerin rose, heartfire henna, mehndi

kerin rose, heartfire henna, mehndi

kerin rose, injera bread

My apologies for the quietude around these parts….some life transitions are in process and all I can say is that my tendency to hide is in full bloom..that being said, here are a couple of things I wanted to share with you…henna on hands all around, Henry in his tutu, and  a recipe I found in Veg News for something called injera bread that hails from Ethiopia.  I stopped eating dairy a few years ago, and removed wheat from my diet this fall, so I am always on the lookout for interesting bread-y things to make. These use teff flower, which is very high protein and apparently are the smallest grain on earth!…they were fun to make…I  froze them and just pull one out to use as a little wrap  or to dip in something…

1 cup teff flour, 1/8 tsp dry yeast, 1 1/4 cups water, 1/4 tsp. salt, oil for cooking

1) in a medium bowl, add teff flour and yeast. slowly stir in 1 cup water until smooth. cover bowl loosely and set aside at room temperature  ( around 70 degrees)  for 3 days to allow batter to ferment.

2)by the third day, the batter should form small bubbles ( mine didn’t) on surface and texture should be similar to pancake batter. stir in salt.  if batter is too thick, stir in remaining 1/4 cup water ( I did) 

3)lightly oil a cast iron skillet or non stick pan. over medium heat, pour about 1/2 cup batter in center of skillet and tilt skillet to spread  batter . ( I forgot to do this the first one…not pretty!…this is an important step!)  Cook for about 1 minute  or until bubbles begin to form on surface.  cover skillet w/ a tight fitting lid and continue to cook for 2-3 minutes or until edges brown and begin to curl up and top surface is dry. 

4) remove from pan and set aside for 3 -4 minutes before serving, or cool and freeze. repeat for rest of batter. this recipe came with a companion for a spicy chick pea dip….yum!

ok, lovelies…I promise I will try not to be too much of a stranger….wishing you a beautifully energized week….did the groundhog see his shadow in your neck of the woods?…I can see spring on the horizon!

namaste..xx k

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  1. henna: someday….someday….

    love that henry hudson. does he know how adorable he is? -!-

    ‘s’ok….the silence….sometimes we need to withdraw to process life….


  2. I am eliminating gluten too and I can’t wait to try the teff flour! They look yummy! The hardest part I find with gluten free is not having enough of it around and giving up when I am hungry and need something convenient.

  3. Dear Kerin,

    great to see you…love those adorned hands…beautiful!
    Love Henry in Tutu…he has so much self-confidence and looks gorgeous!
    Luckily I don’t have to eliminate gluten because I love french bread but this weekend I came across a gluten free rice bread from trader joe’s that was delicious and I bought some. I have tried the Ethiopian bread here in our little Ethiopia…it is fun, in fact eating Ethiopian food is fun but I know if I tried to make some MrLittleJeans would protest…ha ha
    Hope you have a beautiful week…when is the jewelry show…done already?


  4. Nancy!…yes, the gal who does it up here is just amazing…its just the best pick me up! love to you too!

    Foxy! thanks for understanding…and yeah, I am thinking Henry does know! 🙂

    Emmy D!…I have an even tastier recipe coming soon, so stay tuned!…I know what you mean about running out of stuff…I make a bunch and then freeze it, which it does very very well…here’s to you for giving it a shot!…It really is a bit more work, ( cooking wise) but I must say, I feel better without it…what about you?

    Mona!…show opened on Friday, and stays up till the 18th…it was fun!…you are very observant…little Mr Henry has a TON of confidence! really is one of his major personality traits!…oh, Mr Little Jeans does not know what he is missing!…I love the spices they use so much!…

    love to you all for visiting my little corner of the woods…sending you all much love! xx K

  5. What an inspiring set of photos…
    Sweet Henry.
    Thank you so much for the recipe! I need this right now! Pescetarian~wheat free {perhaps diary free soon too…} Are you trying to find sensitivities?
    I think of you often these days as I increase my metalsmithing library and try out some basic things…Last night I showed my boyfriend a casting section in the book and said “Kerin does this…” He knew who I was talking of!
    I hope your hiding helps you feel better…

  6. Megy!…I miss your face!…best part is I know you will be back to visit!
    Dee!…just wait, I will share this awesome meusli breakfast bread I am baking soon!..
    no sensitivities…I have been a vegetarian for ever, and got off dairy cause there is a lot of heart stuff in my family, and really, dairy fat is even worse than meat…plus I hate the way the animals are raised….and got off wheat because there is a also lotsa diabetes, and the research says its higher glycemic than sugar….have actually added back fish, like yourself, and I have to say, this combo is making me feel pretty good!…I practically have wheatanoia these days! …:)..
    I am so so touched I am floating around your space!

    love to you both!

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