Dexter with a shovel….

kerin rose, garlic beds

kerin rose, garlic beds

hello friends…I know I have been a stranger as of late…I promise  will explain myself, in time…for the moment though, this is what my garlic beds look like on April 12, 2013… I am worried about my babies!..

I am telling you..the weirdest weather E-V-E-R lately….


I love this man, I love this man I love this man…..

 Pour yourself a cuppa, take 10 and hear what he has to say….

I have been spending the day baking up some gluten free breads, perfecting my Spanish rice recipe  for dinner tonight, attempting to re photograph some of my jewelry and working on a few new pendants… a feather,an arrowhead and an  eternal circle…appropriate talismans for a warrior goddess, eh?


xo Kerin

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  1. Kerin,

    I love this guy! Thank you for sharing. We have a guy in our town who is doing this: Karma farms. Everything is free. Wonderful work.

    and p.s. your garlic will be totally fine; it is okay to freeze. that is the glory of bulbs!

    Keep it wild!


    p.p.s. I love your work too.

  2. Looking forward to hearing more!
    My garlic has been frosted, blanketed in snow, a dozen times lately…They seem to be thriving still! A metaphor for life.
    Can not wait to see your new work.
    {stay warm!}

  3. wow girl…just heard on the news about all the snow in North Dakota too…hope the garlic survives….I think it might…you can do magic

    I had heard that guy and I agree with you…and look forward to your re photos and all xxx

  4. Crazy , I know , Mona! This week is supposed to be sunny and warm…regardless of the dusting they got last week, they have grown!….so happy to see you here! xx Kerin

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