how do you move 40,000 honeybees?

How do you move forty thousand honeybees? In the back of a couple of Subarus, of course!….due to unforeseen circumstances, our bee ladies have been relocated to a friend’s farm for the season…making this journey was akin to planning an espionage assignment, as a number of factors for a successful move came in to play, from the weather, to the time of day to  the question of what vehicle they would fit in? Happily, the hives cleared the car roof, an we were able to tuck them in safely on a new hillock on our side of the lake. I  know it does not look much like spring here in my photos, and I have to say, we were freezing our arse’s off that morning, but trust me, the trees have little blooms on ’em…and the little white river lilies bear witness. I believe this will be a most excellent adventure for them, and the girls will be in the best of hands, looked over by  such amazingly lovely and capable humans, and of course, Miss Cluck-Cluck the chicken and Max the dog!  The morning made me think of this…so I am sharing it with  you….

White Flowers by Mary Oliver

Last night
in the fields
I lay down in the darkness
to think about death,
but instead I fell asleep,
as if in a vast and sloping room
filled with those white flowers
that open all summer
sticky and untidy,
in the warm fields.
When I woke
the morning light was just slipping
in front of the stars,
and I was covered
in blossoms.
I don’t know,
how it happened-
I don’t know
if my body went diving down
under the sugary vines
in some sleep-sharpened affinity
with the depths, or whether
that green energy
rose like a wave
and curled over me, claiming me
in its husky arms.
I pushed them away, but I didn’t rise
Never in my life had I felt so plush,
or so slippery, 
or so resplendently empty.
Never in my life
had I felt myself so near
that porous line
where my own body was done with
and the roots and the stems and the flowers
Mitakuye oyasin…we are all relations…here’s to a beautiful  week for all of us….with gratitude and love…..K

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  1. What an adventure! You reminded me of when we had to go to the airport to get 10 hives of bees. : )

    Thank you for sharing that lovely poem. I wanted to so badly be under a tree, on the ground, looking up.

    It does look like a weak spring but as you said all you need is a bud or two.


  2. i have many questions about the move, but they are merely questions of interest….

    such a wonderful poem….the feelings that the words evoke….so pure, so true.


  3. Mrs. Little Jeans, I remember you told me your Pop kept bees!…oh gosh, if I don’t get more than a bud or two soon, I’ma gonna scream!…you will hear me all the way to CA! 🙂
    ask away, Foxy!…am glad you like the poem…I think the last paragraph is my fave……

    yes, namaste….xx K

  4. oh wow! so glad it all went well. my aunt and uncle who live up the cliff from my parents had honeybees so i remember time with my cousins tending them-a huge job but so awesome! gorgeous photos and poem!

  5. That dog, Max, I want to meet him! Ami wants to meet Miss Cluck Cluck and Wasabi wants some honey! Lovely, lovely pictures and story.

  6. Merle! Sunny! Seymour!….so honoured you all came to visit!…funny…our bees don’t feel like a lot of work….but boy, Merle, a photo complement from you! I will take it any day!….and Sunny, I dont know if you can see in the little cupola, there is a bell….the owners’ grandma used to ring it to bring his Dad ( this house has been in the family for 5 generations!) out of the forest for dinner…..and Seymour, you know you can meet Max any day!
    love to you all….!
    xo K

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