kerin rose, Vermont, Jewelry , berry farm

kerin rose, Vermont, jewelry, berry picking

kerin rose, Vermont, berry picking, jewelry

I sing to the Earth,

with the pluck of  each garnet  

and golden jewel,

a song of gratitude

for such riches.



               I think I ate almost as much as I picked…but I don’t care!  Great stash, non?

First day without rain in what has felt like years…when Vermont is bad, she is very, very bad, but when she is good, she’s gorgeous! 🙂            

 What summer kinds of  summer fun have y’all stirred up lately?…please tell!

xo K

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  1. wonderful sweet poem! ain’t it so grand, nibbling as you pick??!

    has been hot and dry….needing rain, had a few days of some sprinkles but no ground-soakers yet. i’m still hauling water every evening up the hill to the pencilfox garden.


  2. That is called stealing! Please refrain from “nibbling”, this is only taking money from the pockets of our farmers who are trying to eek out a living. No farms no food! All you artists are the same, me me me! Oh by the way beautiful pictures! Namasté! Have a good REV ride tomorrow! Remember ride with the boobs!

    The Fighting Chow

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