kerin rose, woods


kerin rose, woods

kerin rose, woods

kerin rose, woods

Resiliency…this word has weighed hard , rolling around in my mind endlessly  for the last few months.  I have not been present in this space for far too long, but I won’t get into the details, as I am sure that its not the important part. Sometimes in life,  what  we believed to be ‘true’ can  make it quite clear  that we have been mistaken. Sometimes one thing after another occurs, and  truly, the best you can do is surrender to the crashing and burning  happening at your feet, while hanging on tightly in your heart to the idea that every day brings an opportunity to heal. 

I have been pondering what  is it  that makes some of us so resilient, and some of us, well…just- so- not? Is resilience static, dictated by our nature, or something one can cultivate? And if it can be cultivated ( yippie!) , then why is it so difficult for some?  I read somewhere once there exists four cornerstones of resilience: compassion, acceptance, openness, creativity…( my apologies…for not crediting the writer…I cannot recall!). I believe this to mean that we must be  kind to ourselves for whatever may have brought the disaster we are experiencing, we accept that it is really happening, instead of living in denial, we are open to whatever there is to learn from the experience, and choose to use our creativity to find solutions. That, and we can give ourselves ( and others) grace.

I believe the beauty of being human is that we have the ability to do  just that.  When the world feels like it is coming to an end, and  it feels like  we will never be whole again, we can remember. We can remember that we are children of  Mama Nature, Creator, God, and no matter what, there is a bigger picture. For  myself , I  will always lay me down on the earth. Our Earth mama is the original source of resilience. She can absorb and transform. Her rivers and winds will carry away the darkness.  She sings a lullaby that will remind you that there is so much beauty in a new day. Beauty  in eyes that can see. In feet that can carry me forward. In breath that can carry gratitude and light  into to the tiniest and darkest of spaces.

For grace, I am thankful.

Tell me, how do you find resilience?…I want to know the gorgeous mosaic of human ways!

 Wishing you all the beginning of  a beautiful holiday season…namaste, in love and light….


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  1. Kerin, I think this is one of the most beautiful posts you’ve ever written, and it’s a blessing to read it today. I’ve been feeling wobbly lately. Your words fill my heart with hope and ease. Resiliency. Grit. Choosing hope over despair, over and over. Because we can’t choose just once. What helps me right now is the notion of “practice.” I get so caught up in seeing the results, but am learning that it’s the PRACTICE that brings the deep healing. And what is “practice” except choosing, again and again, to try.

  2. Me: “I Refuse To Sink”.
    I am a survivor, and fighter, a warrior. I will not let *anyone* take my power, or leave me feeling like a victim. It is that simple. I will not let any circumstance win. So there is is. I fight for it, because there is no other choice.

  3. Dearest K….a lovely post and truly, I agree with you that resiliency is one of the best attributes one could possess or develop. I also had to nod in agreement with the cornerstones that you mentioned. Obviously without resilience we would quickly become extinct…I feel that there is a lot of chemistry involved…some are naturally more positive and resilient and some less but probably to me resilience will have to do with faith in a more grand picture and purpose, in a more eternal life, in faith itself…certainly not easy but would be so nice to wish resilience for each other this Christmas…xoxo

  4. Kerin, what a wonderful, dynamic, and timely post! Thank you for sharing it. Resilliency is something that is inate and it can be cultivated. It takes daily practice, strength, and faith that we are moving towards greatness with humility and grace. Namaste.

  5. Sisters…I cannot completely express my gratitude for all of your respective visits here to my little corner of the inter webs…and your wholehearted thoughts….that in itself is something I am deeply grateful for!…the heart-sharings of other human beans! :)…we really don’t take this walk alone, even though it can feel that way sometimes…right?

    with love and light…and a deep bow of thanks…
    xox kerin

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