Feliz Navidad!……

kerin rose, jewelry, crabapples

kerin rose

kerin rose, jewelry, crabapples

kerin rose, green apple green chile pie, pie town

kerin rose, bronze, messenger bird, sparrow


Good morning from the frozen north east ( and I mean FROZEN!…I think its about 5 degrees out there right now)….

I have been busy in an ‘indoor’ kind of way…this weather calls for a green chile apple pie, made from the ‘authentic’ recipe straight from Pie Town, New Mexico. Yup, its a real place ( if you click on the links you will see I am not kidding!)

Some other news is on the horizon, but I will save it for another day…. really, I am here to wish you  a wonderful and peaceful year’s end and to express my gratitude  for your friendship and supportive visits to my little corner of the interwebs!  There is a lot of buzz around the net about choosing your ‘word’ for the year to come….I am a pretty global thinker-envisioner, so I have adopted this quote from the ecstatic poet Hafiz instead: ” The wise in any foreign country seek a true guide…”  I as I walk into the unknown territory of 2014,  I am focusing my heart and mind to always lean in the direction of truth.  Lets see where it takes me!….sending armfuls of love and light in your direction…namaste…xo K




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  1. Happy New Year dearest Kerin…I am re-entering the cyber world…I like your quote of the year…I have yet to choose one.

    Though cold, the ice has made beautiful scenery for you, and what a grand idea to bake a pie. I am off to check pie town …Sending you love and best wishes…xoxo

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