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kerin rose, vermont, ice storm

kerin rose, vermont, ice storm

kerin rose, vermont, ice storm

kerin rose, vermont, ice storm

I haven’t been able to venture far from home the last two days….evidence above that my world  has been encased in crystal!….even getting out to walk Henry has been impossible, so we are making the best of things with lots off stuffy food balls, cuddle and fetch sessions in the hallways!   I saw an interview on the telly yesterday that Oprah did with Thich Nhat Hanh, the profound Buddhist monk, he of the monastery  Plum Village in Bordeaux, France, where he was in exile for 39 years and apparently is largely unheard of. I just loved listening to him. He spoke of what he considers the four important mantras for authentic connection. I will paraphrase a bit here but they go like this: ( on a personal note, I just adore his use of the word ‘darling’..from my lips, though , it would be reinterpreted as “darlin”! 🙂

“Darling, I am here for you “ He is speaking of the pureness of simply witnessing another being, in a deeply present wa’)You offer him or her your presence. You are not preoccupied with the past or the future; you are there for your beloved. Your deeply present self is the best you can offer. This is love. Witnessing. Being there.

“Darling, I know you are there and I am so happy” He is speaking of the acknowledgement of another. This creates such deep connection in my mind. You recognize the presence of another being as something very precious. He said, “to be loved means to be recognized as existing”.

“Darling I know you are suffering”  This is about leaning in to the moment of someone else’s pain, and just being there. To hold them in your heart. Nothing more, nothing less. Your deepest presence already can bring some relief. 

“Darling, I suffer, and I am doing my best to practice”.  This is about creating a deep heart connection even through pain and asking to be witnessed, without judgement. And asking for help, allowing another to explain their hurts, their anger. Its about turning towards someone when there is pain, rather than turning away. Its about removing the obstacle between your self and the other person, rather than looking to punish them, or suffering alone in silence. I think this takes bravery. Big bravery.

Big stuff to ponder. Such outwardly simple rules of engagement, yet we truly have to practice to put them into action…


While I am on the subject of being deeply present,  I want you to know that I am having a bit of a solstice celebration!….just for you… you have have witnessed me up till now, and who will be witnessing and walking with  me towards the light of the coming year! A deep bow of gratitude for you all. Namaste, in love and light and truth. Deep truth.

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I am deeply honored to embellish your soul! xo K

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  1. wow. deep teachings. i love the four “darlin’s”….i shall say it like YOU, my friend….these mantras. so wonderful. i am going to incorporate them into my life.

    so, darling kerin: i know you are there and i am so happy.
    deep doggie bow to darling henry hudson also: little man, i know you are there and i am so happy.


    [stay safe in and on the ice!]

  2. Dearest Kerin,

    You said exactly what I wanted to hear…what I want to say so frequently and not sure how to. I will print this for reminders…thank you for the solstice gift : )

    I was once encased in ice while living in Virginia…amazing experience (if one has food and means of survival of course)…the ice is so beautiful…days are going to get longer now : )

    Wishing you the loveliest of Christmases and a Happy New One xoxo

  3. Yes, my darlins’…VERY deep teachings…they sound so simple yet I think that simply witnessing, without EGO is so difficult…hence the need to PRACTICE, right?

    I am deeply glad you are here.

    And..the sun is shining, we have good grub, crafty things to play with, furry bellies to rub, days getting longer and a brand new year to welcome in…what could be bad about that?

    love and light to you both! xo K

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