how to begin again…..

kerin rose, vermont, artist

kerin rose, vermont, artistkerin rose, vermont, artist


“Life will break you. Nobody can protect you from that, and living alone won’t either, for solitude will also break you with its yearning. You have to love. You have to feel. It is the reason you are here on earth. You are here to risk your heart. You are here to be swallowed up. And when it happens that you are broken, or betrayed, or left, or hurt, or death brushes near, let yourself sit by an apple tree and listen to the apples falling all around you in heaps, wasting their sweetness. Tell yourself you tasted as many as you could.” 

― Louise ErdrichThe Painted Drum 

I have been absent from this space for way longer than I intended.  Truth be told,  life has broken me.  And my healing work has been to learn to taste the sweetness of those apples again.  In honour of the opportunity to begin again, am in search of a name. Something that sings with the one I already have . To sit in between these two. A middle name with meaning, to represent who I might be,  to serve as a bridge between who I once was and  who I might become, as I tenderly , and tentatively move forward  into the river that is called l-i-f-e while trying my best not to crush the tender shoots that are just beginning to sprout under my feet. I thought I was ready last spring, but I realized I was not. As they say, miles to travel before I sleep….there was so much more I needed to see and understand.

Your ideas are wanted and appreciated.  Names in other languages are fine. Think beauty. Think movement. Think growth and nature. And healing.

I will trade you a pair of silver pretties, if you can help me figure this one out….not much for something as powerful and important as a name, but its what I have, and its from my heart

I desire to be named by friends, I desire to be named by people who know me

namaste, Kerin Rose

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  1. ….hmmm….THINKING….i shall hike up coyote hill and sit in the cool evening breeze, perchance to ponder and pense, and maybe a name will come to me….

  2. Dear Kerin, Thank you for sharing your story about what you are living through right now. A sensitive soul. Perception. Strength. Surrender to the flow of Nature’s cycles. Your creativity and jewelry designs speak volumes about what a feeling, sensual being you are. Its no doubt that Life’s circumstances are felt deeply, painfully, and joyously. The Universe has cycles, and Nature has cycles. Animals do too, and as a female, we are truly cyclic beings. Coming through a dark challenge, it sounds like you are ready for a personal rebirth. A name that resonated with me is Naissa. It comes from the French word, Renaissance, which means Rebirth. Our life goes through lots of seasons of rebirth.
    I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you in person. I only know you from your blog and jewelry that I’ve followed for a while. I hope you have a joyous journey of discovering a name that fits your soul. Life is full of change and our identities are constantly reflecting that change, but we also must remember to stay aligned with our true essence, which is Love.

  3. Kerin, I only know you from afar. I love your soulful jewelry and sometimes see your posts about life, nature, gardening…
    I wanted to thank you for sharing yourself in this beautiful post.
    The name River came to me, so I thought I would each out & write to you.
    Namaste, Laura Flavin

    1. Laura,
      I appreciate your gentle and kind words and your taking the time to stop here and share your thoughts….and what a lovely possible name..River…flow….I am never sure how much is ok to share, but I figure somehow, we have all been there, one way or the other on this life-walk right?…and when we share our stories, somehow that connects us in our humanity….

      namaste, K

  4. Hello Love,

    Oh I think we’ve all been on this journey, some of us over & over again! The quest for your spirit reflection name can be one of permanence or one born in the moment; either way, it is an honor name that must resonate with your essence. It may symbolize a given event or personality trait or even a Wish for something you attach yourself to.

    When I think of you I am pulled towards the Hindu light…these being some of my favorites:

    Kiah: New Beginning
    Kali: Graceful, Beautiful, Artistic, A bud, the dark one
    Kaia: Stability, From the Earth, pure nature
    Keli: Energy from strife, dark goddess (one who has dark hair)
    Khili: Blooming
    Kia: Beautiful One, Good
    Laila: Sweetheart, lioness strength, dark haired beauty, blessed, beloved.
    Lela: Loyal, dark haired beauty.
    Lola: Strong woman, little & beautiful, Lady of Sorrows
    Lona: Bliss, Solitary One, lioness, lioness strength
    Hana: Happiness, flower, blossom, Grateful
    Hardi: From the Heart
    Havva: Wind, flower, Living, Alive
    Hessa: Destiny
    Dua: A Wish, a Prayer
    Ghosha: the Way, Path
    Nia: Purpose, Beauty, Brightness, Intention
    Niva: Sun, Hug, Renew
    Milly: Gentle strengt, Bee, Helper
    Ohana: Friend
    Priya: Kind One, Loving to Everyone
    Siya: of Light & Blessings

    I’m so excited for you, this is a magical occasion and thank you for seeking our love, my friend!


    1. Nancy,
      wow!….just wow!…I shall have to try a bunch of these on. and all so beautiful in sentiment…..thank you for seeing me..I do not know if I am indeed light, but I try, I truly do…
      and thank you for stopping here…it has been such a long time!…xo namaste, K

  5. Hi Dearest Kerin,

    While you were indeed absent from the blog pages, you were not from my mind. I frequently think about you. Since we did a one-liner chat on FB I had been thinking about names, asking people whom I met what their names meant, and just today it occurred to me what I would suggest for your middle name as I think it embodies who you are, and that is “Aloha”.
    I went to a talk where the word Aloha was explained as such:

    Akahai E Na Hawai`i
    Kindness, express it with a feeling of tenderness.

    Lokahi A Kulike
    Unity, express it with a feeling of harmony.

    Olu`Olu Ka Manao
    Agreeable, express it with a feeling of pleasantness.

    Ha`Aha`A Kou Kulana
    Humility, express it with a feeling for modesty.

    Ahonui A Lankila
    Patience, apply it with perseverence.

    I think you easily embody the spirit of Aloha.

    With love,


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