To your health……

kerin rose, elderberry tincture

kerin rose, elderberries, snails

kerin rose, elderberries

kerin rose, elderberries

 kerin rose, canning set up

kerin rose, canning set up

kerin rose, elderberry tincture

There is no mistaking around these parts that summer is on its way out, and in the process, our world in these parts is slowly being overtaken by shows of gold and orange and red the likes of which I think , are fairly unmatched anywhere in the world, I I believe! We are making like squirrels and chipmunks and gathering up what is the last of summer’s bounty and putting it up to have for the winter that is to come. My dear  herbalist amiga Maria spent the day here processing elderberries and currants, and I thought you might enjoy a peek at the process. My kitchen is t-i-n-y, but that did not stop us…see the picture of her canning rig that we set up out back.  Elderberries have been shown to have incredible immune boosting abilities. I take a tablespoon of this stuff daily in the winter, and quadruple it if I feel a cold coming on.  So easy to make, and you dont even need to can it, as we did  ( she produces huge quantities)…you can simply make a smaller amount and keep it in the fridge, as per the recipe. No access to fresh berries?…dried ones work too! can try getting them here

Elder Berry Tincture

½ cup dried organic elderberries

1 cinnamon stick

5 cloves

1T ginger

2 cup water

1 cup honey

 -combine all ingredients except honey and bring to a boil.

-reduce heat to a simmer and continue to heat until liquid is down to about 1 cup (30 min.

-strain , leaving behind elderberries and spices

-add honey

-keep in refrigerator for up to 3 months ( canning this makes it last till you break the seal)

( you can compost the leftover berries, and if you have chickens, they will think this is an awesome treat!)


in love, light and good winter health!  xo K

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kerin rose, Vermont, Jewelry , berry farm

kerin rose, Vermont, jewelry, berry picking

kerin rose, Vermont, berry picking, jewelry

I sing to the Earth,

with the pluck of  each garnet  

and golden jewel,

a song of gratitude

for such riches.



               I think I ate almost as much as I picked…but I don’t care!  Great stash, non?

First day without rain in what has felt like years…when Vermont is bad, she is very, very bad, but when she is good, she’s gorgeous! 🙂            

 What summer kinds of  summer fun have y’all stirred up lately?…please tell!

xo K

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By the light of the silvery moon……

kerin rose, moon

kerin rose, moon

kerin rose, garlic planting

……. I planted garlic

according to the principles of biodynamic farming

certain days are preferable to others for planting

 They say “biodynamic  practitioners recognize and strive to work in cooperation with the subtle influences of the wider cosmos on soil, plant and animal health.”  Apparently, full moons encourage better root growth..I hope that this is true, as this is one of those times in life where I am hoping, praying and meditating on some growth…at very least, my garden will be free of  vampires….:)

wish me luck!

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the golden moment…….

Its the time of year around these parts that we begin to transition to  a different rhythm….the hustle and bustle of the growing season  winds down, cover crop of winter rye is spread, garlic plantings are  planned and the leaves are just beginning  to show hints of the unimaginable blaze of colour that will overtake our landscape in the next couple of weeks. Last weekend,  my sister and Maria harvested the honey from the hives. Pounds and pounds of the golden gift came oozing out of the frames! Manna from heaven! No wonder  Ancient Egyptians (amongst many things), used  honey as an offering to  a number of their deities…!….

And of course, you know what will happen to the wax…:)….in a few weeks, the girls will get buttoned up for the winter…in the meantime, we are all filled with gratitude…and such a deep knowingness that we are  a part of the circle of life…I know it may sound a bit corny, but you really cannot escape that when you keep bees…they are such a reminder….tread softly on this earth…we are  her and she is us…  wishing you moments of unbearable beauty this week!

namaste, xx Kerin

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kerin rose, sunflower

kerin rose, Maria and Erik's farm

kerin rose, sunflowerkerin rose, Maria , Mulleinkerin rose, mulleinkerin rose, sunflowers

I have to come clean here…I had this ‘sunny’ little post all planned out …and then…it turned into ‘one of those days’…( if I knew more about astrology, maybe I would have found out something was in serious retrograde or something…)

Just part of  ‘the list’…

I realized the hours I spent canning yesterday were wasted because I neglected to put lemon juice in the mix of the AMAZING ( and now in the compost) tomatillo salsa I made…harvest+all that work=in the compost bin…when I had this ah-ha, I quickly emailed a friend in the hopes it would be ok, but no dice….waaaahhh!

-I went to the dentist ( big reconstruction project in process) things are progressing ok and  no, I don’t have any cavities, but a bunch of my fillings need a makeover…my little teeth are my achilles heel, and I have lived half my life in dentist chairs, but the $ this stuff involves…well, lets just say its shitty timing…

-I ran into a friend w/ whom I had an awkward and ugly breakup ( and have not seen since) at the co-op ….she had her mom w/ her…so this time it was awkward and weird…lets just say it made me realize there is some unfinished bitty stuff ( really more about me needing to be a grownup and not be unhappy that others are unhappy w/ my decisions and choices)….but it still gave me a stomach ache  for a bit…

-on the way home, the car in front of me hit a motorcyclist. ( It appeared) the rider was ok, and everyone, including the driver handled it in a stellar fashion, cell phones were whipped out and emergency personnel were on the scene in moments…but I was trapped due to the angle of my vehicle and they did not let me out to go home till they investigated and moved some other cars….I am just so damn visual, I could not get the image of the collision and that man flying up into the air ( a BIG  man) and flopping like a doll in the  middle of the road out of my mind….

So, there you have it….sometimes in ‘blogland’ it is easy to come across so much more ‘together’ than one might  be…beautiful photos, well composed thoughts…I think I tend to use my blog to reinforce my own sense of gratitude about many of the things in my life….in truth, the beauty of life is that it can be  messy, good or bad…we have days where things might be not so messy, but they add up and can  feel big and messy on the inside…to me, that messy feeling  is  a sign that life is asking  me to grow……..tonite I had cinnamon toast ( which is what my mom gave me as a kid when I was feeling bad)  and  a thick, deep red wine for dinner, while I watched Perez Hilton follow the fabulous Lady Gaga around Australia. Not exactly highbrow but definitely fun!I don’t ‘dip’ much into popular culture (except for anything featuring vampires!) but as an artist, its good to know what’s going on ‘out there’…. she seems like a super-kind person. :)…I think I will work on my personal growth TOMORROW :)….

I hope you still love me….:)


Beautiful farm, courtesy of my friends Maria and Erik….Maria calls the sunflowers that appear interspersed in her extensive vegetable and herb garden ‘orphans’ ( not sure if this is a real technical term, or Maria-speak, but she did not plant any of these!)  instead of pulling them out she uses them to her advantage, planting more shade loving things at the base of their ‘feet’…..Maria and my sister keep their bees nearby ( yes, the Queen Bee has retired!) and our flying friends could not have a more diversified or perfect haven to do their thing!…. I do find deep solace in nature….I don’t know what I did or how I did it when I was a ‘city girl’…I can’t  remember…I think I used to run away to the art museum….


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a petite technical announcement….

kerin rose, columbine, jewelry

kerin rose, columbine, jewelry

Just a note to let you all know that  a mysterious illness seems to have befallen my trusty mac book and I have been without a  rig for the last few weeks!….I don’t know when she will be returned to me, so communication will be sporadic…been taking stolen moments on the computers of generous friends and familia……on another note, look what I found for you in the forest this morning!….nature sure is grand…namaste!

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a little road trip…..

kerin rose, stephen huneck, dog chapel

kerin rose, stephen huneck, dog chapel

kerin rose, stephen huneck, dog chapel

kerin rose, stephen huneck, dog chapel



kerin rose, stephen huneck, dog chapel

kerin rose, stephen huneck, dog chapel

kerin rose, stephen huneck, dog chapel

A little road trip to points  northeast to replenish the spirit with a change of scenery….I have always wanted to visit here, so I have brought you with me!… this drive was all the more poignant, as the artist who created this place, Stephen Huneck took his life a year ago… his legacy of love for all things four footed will live on in this place that he and his wife Gwen created and called ‘Dog Mountain’.  It is a place for both our solace and joy, to honor our forever connections to our fur companions.  (The colored scraps on the wall are all notes written  by visitors to canine loves that are no longer with us on this earth walk, but who live forever in our hearts!)….namaste….enjoy!

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kerin rose, apple, offering

kerin rose, Vermont

kerin rose, Shelburne farms orchardkerin rose, appleskerin rose, apple, offering

Even after all this time

the sun never says to the earth, “You owe Me.”

Look what happens with a love like that.

It lights the Whole Sky.

-poem by Hafiz

-gifts from Mother earth

-reverence from me….xo namaste! 

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