How to grow a smudge stick……

kerin rose, jewelry, smudge garden, smudge stick

kerin rose, jewelry, smudge garden, smudge stick

I haven’t been traveling this summer so I decided to gift myself with a shamanic painting class being given by the incomparable Pixie Campbell. I am both excited and anxious ( just a tad!) because I have not painted in eons and it feels like stepping into a place of beginners mind. Not so bad, I guess..but  this seemed like a perfect time to share this with you, as she has talking this week about making sacred space for your creativity, and smudging this week….

This little corner of my sister garden is what I like to call the spirit corner. Some of these plants are not supposed to grow well here, but I am fortunate to have super green thumbs!  This year I planted : rosemary (Queen Victoria variety) for clarity,catnip (Lemon variety) for happiness,artemisia  (Yomogi) purifies negative energies,lavender ( Blue River) for healing and wisdom, and sage ( White variety), which is considered the most powerful type for energetic clearing….its used to wash away the outside world and help with making space for spirit.  There are other plants suitable for smudging…some folks use cedars,sweetgrass, juniper and may even include different resins,such as frankincense and myrrh. I recommend you do your research before including some of these, as not all plant life is so healthy to inhale and you also want to be sure that what you are using supports your energetic ‘goals’. I am not an expert on this, I tend to use what I have been taught. Let me also say that  I have grown ALL of these inside in pots at different points in my life, when I have not had access to the great outdoors, and I have known folks to use other sage types (say the ‘kitchen types’) to positive result too!…So truly, don’t let your geography hold you back from the joy of creating your own personal smudge blends!

kerin rose, white sage, jewelry

Before cutting whatever sprigs I plan to use, I say a little prayer of gratitude. Do whatever feels right to you….I just find its important to acknowledge the gift….

kerin rose, smudge stick

Choose 2 colours of embroidery floss…I will often change mine up after peeking at a colour symbolism site or two, to try to be intentional around my smudge…cut your floss about 6-7 times longer than the length of your fronds when you lay them out…

kerin rose, smudge stick

Gather the herbs tightly, (I generally place rosemary, or something with a strong stem in the center and any other herbs there, with  sage at the outermost, but if its all sage, no worries!) . Start at the bottom and wrap the floss 3-4 times round the stems and tie a knot, making sure you leave a 3-4″ tail 

kerin rose, smudge stick,jewelry

Wrap your way up the bundle, tightening, pulling and adjusting till you reach the top

kerin rose, smudge stick, jewelry

Now reverse direction and work your way down…when you get back to the bottom, wrap 3-4 more times and knot the end to the tail you left when you began…

kerin rose, smudge stick, jewelry

Some folks trim off any little bits that are poking out…I prefer to leave them…really, your choice. Place your  smudge sticks in a brown paper bag and let sit in a sunny dry place for about a month…I like to put them ( actually I do this to dry ALL of my herbs) in the back of my car and let the sun do its work while I drive around….big plus, my car smells incredible! When they are ready, be sure you have a flame proof bowl or shell to rest your stick in after use….a simple and beautiful ritual to connect you to the energy of the universe….xo K

kerin rose, smudge stick, jewelry

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Dexter with a shovel….

kerin rose, garlic beds

kerin rose, garlic beds

hello friends…I know I have been a stranger as of late…I promise  will explain myself, in time…for the moment though, this is what my garlic beds look like on April 12, 2013… I am worried about my babies!..

I am telling you..the weirdest weather E-V-E-R lately….


I love this man, I love this man I love this man…..

 Pour yourself a cuppa, take 10 and hear what he has to say….

I have been spending the day baking up some gluten free breads, perfecting my Spanish rice recipe  for dinner tonight, attempting to re photograph some of my jewelry and working on a few new pendants… a feather,an arrowhead and an  eternal circle…appropriate talismans for a warrior goddess, eh?


xo Kerin

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Food glorious, food….

kerin rose,jewelry

kerin rose,jewelrykerin rose, vegetable gardenkerin roseSo , you may ask, what have I been up to?…I know I have been scarce these last few weeks….things just seem to go from zero to sixty for me sometimes, and when my head is spinning,  I can barely sort out a blog post from all the noise…the deluge ( read: rain!) has finally subsided (well, sort of) and we have been kickin’ ass to get the garden in, as we are running around 5 weeks behind our ususal planting time, and the season here is short enough as it is…amazing the urgency TIME takes on when you grow a large amount of your own food…not enough time to mature=less veggies!….

On this years ‘menu’ is” kale ( 3 kinds), celeriac root, zucchini, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers ( for eating and pickles!), bok choy cabbage, peppers ( 7 varieties and of course HOT ones!) , tomatillos, ground cherries (yum!), eggplant ( asian and zebra), sugar snap peas, a bunch of herbs and Mexican sunflowers!

I am sure there are a few other things I am forgetting!

We cultivate a ‘mandala style’ garden…in the round…when properly laid out, you can get a lot more in the way of plants in there…I like it because as I am working in it it feels a little meditation labyrinth-esque…

The reward for this morning’s mulching adventure, a ‘Tim’s Lavender Love’ smoothie from Healthy Living Market…I can just FEEL the antioxidants zipping around inside me!  whew!..

And of course, just as we were cleaning up the tools, it started to rain…sigh…

What have you been up to?

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